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You are not the same as the girl who sits beside you in Chem, or the guy at the back of English class. You are unique. So, riddle me this, Batman: why do your school photos look exactly the same as theirs? Do you want to be remembered because you put on a cap and gown for ten minutes one day? Yes, that’s an important part of the graduation story, but it’s not the only part.

At Eye For Detail Photography, we want to tell your whole story. It is our mission to take images that are as unique and as different as you are. We’re not going to stick you in a corner of some room, take a picture and think we’ve captured the real you. We encourage you to take us to the places that are special to you, to do the things that you love to do, to wear the clothes that suit you.

With each step you take down the road called life, you grow and change. With each step you are a slightly different person than you were before. Our mission is to capture who you are, right now. To preserve for eternity a glimpse of a person you’ll never be again.

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